Gordon Freedman is an American educator, producer, writer and investigator. He was the Executive Producer of the 1991 Stephen Hawking documentary A Brief History of Time (see About the Film page) and is currently the president of the National Laboratory for Education Transformation (NLET). Freedman began his career as an investigator on three special investigative committees in the U.S. Congress, followed by being a Washington correspondent, investigative reporter and then a network television producer for ABC News 20/20. Freedman transitioned into nonfiction, fact-based, dramatic and documentary development and production in Los Angeles, producing movies of the week, mini-series, and films. As his first children approached school-age, Freedman transitioned out of entertainment to concentrate on helping to transform education from bricks-and-mortar to the use of digital media, interactive technologies, online learning and education technology. Freedman worked globally and became an expert in adapting education to the evolving information age.

Starting in 2005 Freedman visited New Mexico as an executive of the education technology company Blackboard, Inc. There, Freedman first met individuals at the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) which inspired him in 2011 to found a research and development nonprofit, the National Laboratory for Education Transformation, www.NLET.org, to explore the boundaries of education, making it more accessible and interesting to learners. NLET developed a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant that included the LANL Statistics Division, University of California Santa Cruz and University of Texas Austin to model improvements in K12 math education.  Freedman is currently vice chair of NLET, still involved in math education as well as popularizing STEM subjects in cosmology and biology. Freedman is also president of GoEducate, Inc., www.GoEducate.com, a company providing education-to-employment services on the Web and in mobile in Arizona, California, and New Mexico.