Malcolm J. Perry is a theoretical physicist and emeritus professor at University of Cambridge and at Queen Mary University of London.  His research mainly concerns quantum gravity, black holes, general relativity, and supergravity.  He was a graduate student at King’s College, Cambridge, under the supervision of Stephen Hawking. He obtained his Ph.D. in 1978 with a thesis on the quantum mechanics of black holes. Subsequently, he worked at Princeton and found the Myers-Perry metric – a higher dimensional generalization of the Kerr metric or how to construct black holes in higher space-time dimensions. In a series of highly influential papers he has attempted to solve the long standing problems in black hole thermodynamics and the information paradox for black holes. He is a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge and an International Honorary Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has also won awards from the Gravity Research Foundation and holds a Sloan Research Fellowship.